20 Sep

VOMO Multimedia Music Box

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VOMO High End Multimedia Music Box

This little boom box uses Vibration Technology to deliver very high quality sounds. A 3.5mm plug enables you to connect any cell phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad or other MP3 players to it. Fill your Micro SD card with music too, there’s a slot for your card! This unit is also a FM receiver.

By placing this VOMO on any solid surface, you turn that surface into a speaker. Use your glass table, coffee table or any other solid surface to listen to your favorite music with awesome sound.

image002The surface you chose will become your speaker. The choice you make for your playing surface will determine the clarity of your music. We have found that glass surfaces vibrate with the greatest range and best quality.

When you place your VOMO on your solid surface your music is crisp and clear. If you pick it up, the volume significantly drops.

The VOMO measures 9cm wide by 5cm high. Comes complete with an audio cable, charging cable and IR Remote Control. The lithium battery included with this unit charges from any USB port, in any computer!

One of the benefits of being in the technology business is that when new gadgets come along, we get to try them out! I’m very excited about this sound advancement and was very surprised at the quality of the tunes it’s playing. This unit really needs to be heard in order to understand its full potential. These are going to sell like hotcakes!


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