12 Sep

Social Media – One Twitter Experience!

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Just One Twitter Experience

When the idea of being more involved in the social media aspect of the Internet for my business, I was very skeptical. What could Twitter and a Facebook page do for me, worldwide?

I felt it was reaching too large an audience, when my goal was to get people into my store in Orillia and be their repair or sales store! The Internet is a huge place, here are the most current World Internet Usage Statistics News and World Population Stats   http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm. I’m in a population of about 30,000! I did not realize there were so many hand held devices in use and active computer and social media users in my area.

Nonetheless I dove into Twitter with both feet! I tweeted, reminding people to back up their important data, how easy it was to use back up hard drives, virus and malware scanning, updating windows, all sorts of tidbits of information, given freely. I was pleased that users were asking me questions and I could assist with their queries. As of the date of this article, I have had 6 paying customers from Twitter in my store and a few others that didn’t result in a sale but it was great to meet them in person regardless. I have also received 2 on site service jobs from Twitter.

I use the Search feature to find everyone who has typed in “my hard drive”, they usually have a question or problem I offer to assist them. It feels good just to be there and help out, for free!

Now, here’s an ever better side of social media that surprised me.

I had been tweeting with several users for quite some time now, getting to know more about a few, friendships developing. I posted that I was getting ready for the long weekend and a great BBQ was ahead!

I didn’t expect this, but a user I got to know @blackjkspollock Tweets back – “can I come”? Well, to be honest I didn’t really think this would pan out because, well, who’s going to travel 1400kms to attend my backyard BBQ?

About a month previous to this, I had won a Twitter Give Away he was doing. I had won a creative sketch that he had made on a recycled product. I liked actually receiving something real from this huge world of on line.

To my surprise he emailed me with all the arrangements made that he would like to come to the BBQ and would be here Friday night! Now of course, I’ve got to explain this to my boyfriend @GregTheMechanic.

Keep in mind that we both got our business’s into Social Media at the same time. We did this together! I explained how it all came up by a tweet that I made. He laughed and said something like “We’ll have a social party”. Neither of us realized just how powerful and full of potential Twitter could be.

I started adding @GregTheMechanic into the tweets with @blackjkspollock the following day and a plan was confirmed.

We also included locals Robert @OrilliaBusiness and @SimcoeArtists to this event being that @blackjkspollock is an artist looking to broaden his network reach. Simcoe Artists is a community based hub for our local artists to display their works.

firenight-003We really enjoyed it and bringing together some local and not so local Twitter users together for an off line meeting. We showed him how to have a bonfire and live in a rural area and have fun the Canadian way! Not to mention some very delicious food!

He left us with some lovely sketches he created while he was here. During his stay with us we introduced @blackjkspollock to our favorite wine, @WolfBlassWines – Red Label, Yellow Label, all of them!

Wolfblass-250x300When he returned to Florida, he was unable to locate these wines in his local stores. While @blackjkspollock was asking @OrilliaBusiness on twitter, where he could get some of this wine in Florida, @WolfBlassWines pops into the twitter conversation and advises that they will look into where @blackjkspollock can obtain it. A couple days later he is told of where he could go to get it.

Customer satisfaction! A brand new customer for @WolfBlassWines with serious twitter influence, over and over.

I don’t know exactly what social media has to offer me or what it will bring me, but so far I’m having fun with it! Cheers!


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