15 Jun

DELL Moves Microsoft COA

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In the past month I’ve had a couple of Dell laptops in the shop for service. One of them needed to have Microsoft Windows 7 reinstalled. I was horrified when I couldn’t locate the COA (certificate of authenticity). I contacted Dell, who weren’t any help at all. I asked them why there’s no COA on this laptop? They started a service ticket. I went ahead looking through forums only to discover that Dell now puts their COA underneath the battery! Who would have thought to look there? It’s actually brilliant to do this because many laptops come in for service and their COA is worn right off the label. In this case it’s imperative that the customer has their Recovery DVD’s (which they usually don’t). So good job moving the COA, Dell, but you should let your folks know this. I hope other manufacturers will follow your move and keep those COA’s readable.


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